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These rails seem go against the science of fluid power. I wish I saw this thread much earlier. Testing that has been done for our crossover line (anyone's really) we seen as high as 300-400psi difference between the two heads with an analog gauge on each head. With an hpx line, pressures were the same. Keep in mind 400psi is A LOT at either a 5:1 or 7:1 pressure intensification for fuel nozzle pressure loss of 2000-2800psi.

Reason behind the above info is that there needs to be more pressure sensors (at least 3 more IMO) installed on the heads to see if ICP is only showing well because it's close to the pump and the tubes are restricting flow to the injectors further away from the pump. So cylinder #2 (where the ICP sensor is at) sees the pressure quicker, but cylinder #7 potentially will be low. PCM won't throw a low ICP code for #7 because there is no sensor to read it.

As mentioned earlier, when laying out a fluid power system, you need to know how much pressure and volume is needed to operate the device(s) in the circuit without causing high duty cycle to the pump. It simply takes X amount of oil volume at Y pressure to run the injectors at Z pulse width.

And Dave didn't sell Swamps. They went bankrupt, are now called Swamps Motorsports. Last I heard from another former employee, he's not even with the company any longer.

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