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Default 6.4 headstud compareson

Thanks idkillinit

Ok so I've got it. First off I want to tell ellite they use one he'll of a great material. These studs will be able to be re torqued many times and are safe well above 300ft lbs. I would torque 30 or so ft lbs higher every time the are retorqued tho.

So the H-11 studs torqued at 190 ft lbs make 31,992psi of load and that's at just 60% of yeild. Amazing

The ARP-1000s torqued at 325 ft lbs make 37944 psi of load bit that is torqued at 85% of yeild. ARP claimed 75%. Liars.

The yeild strength of H-11 is 215,000 and ARP is 180,000.

Conclusion is they both work and the ARP is plenty sufficiant but if you plan on your motor coming apart more than one time after installation spent the money and get the H-11. Now for people like myself who don't plan on making more than 700 whp the arps work just fine and have a higher clamping force initallly. But of you are unsure of your future plans go with ELITES H-11.

Hope this helps. Please don't make me post all my math and formulas esspecially since my studs lost. Lol. Take forever
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