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Default 05 throwing P2623 code

I've only had this turd not quite 2 years now, but it's been good to me and I actually got to where I thought I could trust it... then it went full 6.0 on me
Fueled up on Saturday, got maybe a mile down the road and the truck died like I had turned the key off. Got her off the road and pulled codes, had P2623. Cleared the code, she fired up and made it home fine, no other issues. Maybe unrelated but of note- when it died I pulled the key out and opened the door and the radio didn't turn off like it usually does.
Had to make a dump run yesterday so I was watching it a bit more closely on my Edge monitor, on cold start (about 30 ambient) it was idling at about 1500psi ICP. As it warmed up, the ICP at idle dropped to 580. Drove 10 miles or so, left it idling while I unloaded at the dump, and as I start to drive away it dies again, P2623. I had to clear the code several times before it fired back up (I think because the Edge monitor was not shutting down the code wasn't actually clearing). Drove the 7 or miles home no issues.
Truck has 116k on it, all stock other than PHP tunes on the Edge tuner/monitor. It has always been a bit grumpy on cold mornings, and has what I think a somewhat longer than normal crank time when warm.
Most of what I'm finding points to the IPR and/or the pigtail going to it so that's where I think I'll start. When I was messing with it yesterday the ICP and it's pigtail looked fine, no evidence of rodents under the hood. A friend suggested checking the plugs at the FICM closely as well as the wire harness under the intake where it comes over the valve cover. Anything else I should be investigating?
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