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Default Need some help huge amount coolant gone.

Alright just found out ******* is no more and led me here hopefully some one can help.

I have a 08 f-250 234k miles with ******* it lives on 210 tow tune that all i do is pull stuff standard *** ****** an intake noting else, replaced water pump 2 months ago old one finally gave out new degas cap 2 months ago as well.

So I just made a trip 1,200 miles from Texas to Tennessee unloaded not pulling anything 70-80 mph and on this trip i had to put a total of 7, yes 7 GALLONS of coolant/water mixture in to keep it from overheating. It is not leaking anywhere under the truck running or not running i have laid under it and looked/stared deeply also i cant say that i notice it smoking when i tried to look mainly (watching the road), and its not flowing out the tail pipe and its not going into the oil ( i checked several times ) so where did 7 gallons of fluid go?

#1 everyone jumps to blown head gaskets yes its possible ( but i honestly baby this thing its my pull rig an make my living with it so im careful keep my boost max 40 psi and it stays on 210 tow )

#2 I never got around to doing the EGR ****** just had them closed with the tune so could one have busted inside and is passing coolant into motor and getting burnt in cylinder? this is what im leaning on and guessing but want other opinions

It starts and drives just fine like nothing is wrong until after about 400 miles it starts to heat up 198-208 temp i check coolant and it needs like 2 gallons.
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When you did the water pump, did you check the front cover for cavitation? Maybe check your oil and see if it is way overfull...
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