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Default What did you use for intercooler brackets

What materials did you use for your upper and lower IC brackets?
I have seen a lot of pics where guys used angle for the lower, and flat stock for the upper.

What size and thicknesses? Going to try to pick some up and knock out my IC mounting this weekend

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It takes 1 1/4 square tube about .120 wall or heavier for the lower horizontal bar. 2 angle minimum 3/16 for the bracket to weld to that and bolt to the core support. 3/16 x 2 1/2 for the upper tabs. I had more problems finding the lower and upper rubber mounts. The lower ones that slip into the pocket in the IC and over the 1 1/4 tube were available from Ford. The uppers are discontinued but 2nd gen Dodge ones fit. I think Freightliner M2 ac condenser mounts will work too.
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Couple pics for ideas...
Attached Images
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