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Default Which Superduty Rear springs?

Getting ready to put new rear springs on the 96 CCSB. It now has PMF RSK on the front with V code SD springs. Sway bars front and rear. Im looking for rear springs that ride well but still make the truck useful. It is hard to get a big load in a 6ft bed, maybe 2,000 lbs. However I do have a gooseneck stock trailer and horse trailer, looking for a good goose equipment trailer and 5th wheel RV trailer in the future. Possibly a slide in camper, rare but possible on short bed. Not sure I want the additional top overloads. Do think I will add airbags to level truck with trailer, but not rely too heavy on them when loaded. Also thinking about traction bars that don't severely bind up the suspension possible PMF? Do not want to do the 08 up longer springs, relocating the front spring hangar between 2 crossmembers instead of attached to one seems like a bad idea to me.
So............. What spring code or part # has worked for you? What kind of weight have you hauled / towed and how is the ride?
I understand the process is to drill out the front hangar to accept the new larger SD size bolt. On the rear shackle I understand the OBS shackle has to be drilled for larger SD bolt and part of the web cut out. Why not use new SD shackles? I see SKY sells a conversion shackle for this set up, looks nice and heavy duty. Is the "banana" bent shackle feature needed? Lastly, I would like to be able to run Sulastic shackles, this would be easier if it took SD shackles. Thanks in advance, John
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