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Default TCM Adaptive Learning Reset Ford IDS

Posted this on another Forum, so for the guys browsing both sorry for the redundancy.

About to tune the truck and was wondering if anyone has any experience in regard to the TCM adaptive learning. My brother is bringing out his company's IDS scanner this weekend and I'm looking for advice from those in the know.

I've heard of guys going to Ford to get the AL reset I'm hoping to avoid that by doing it in the garage. Should the KAM be reset as well?

What is the general consensus on the best method to establish the new shift parameters after reset? (0-60 runs exc.) Any tips or guidance is appreciated.

Thanks for help and pardon my ignorance haha. Just trying to avoid any transmission issues from the start.

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Default TCM Adaptive Learning Reset Ford IDS

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if you are tuning a 17+ , it should be a pre requisite to reset the KAM afterwards. It is a night and day difference on how the truck runs and feels.

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