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Would be nice if ford would follow dodge on this one with just using the cruise control features while parked. About the only thing I miss from my dodge...

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Originally Posted by gnxtc2 View Post
I just did this using the assistance off the videos from above. I didn't opt to use the relay to give a ground signal to trick the truck's computer. I still have to depress the E-brake.

Since Radio Shack is gone, I ordered my parts from Digi-Key
SPDT switch - CW161-ND
Potentiometer (50K) - CT3063-ND
Knob for Potentiometer - 226-4101-ND

If you flip the switch one way, it goes into Battery Charge Protection Mode (BCP). Go the other way is the normal Stationary Elevated Idle Control (SEIC). The potentiometer adjusts the idle. Activation of the idle control is via an upfitter switch.

I made a bracket that attaches off the OBD2 port. If anyone need me to do a schematic without the relay, let me know.

Billy T.
Looks good!

Thanks for the part number on the knob. It appears to be the exact one used with the shift on the fly kits. I just installed mine & now my OCD is bothering me seeing as they don't match. Think I'm going to order one.

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