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Old 10-28-2018, 11:38 AM
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Default Looking at 2000 Excursion 7.3L

I am considering a stock Excursion 7.3l for a daily driver occasional trailer puller and wanted to hear people's experience with the drive train. I have had 2 previous Excursions a V10 and a 6.0L modded.

From what I heard these engines are really durable but weak by today's standards. I have been told the stock trans is weak but some say they will hold up behind a slightly modded one.

I was planning on doing some upgrades with it later both the drive train and suspension.

From my prior Excursions I experienced weak suspension springs, expensive 4wd hubs that tend to go out and on one of them the wheel hub assembly needed to be replaced because of vacuum leak. Anything else I should know or consider?
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Food for thought

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I have a 2001 and you pretty much nailed it all on the head. Its my first diesel so I love its low end torque for pulling compared to all my gassers. I only pull around 7k though. Itís on itís 3rd transmission. It had two stock ones that it burned through in 250k miles.
I had a local shop build me a great one with aggressive shifts and a better stall.
Springs are terrible front and back. Get some off a F250 and replace unless you are going extreme lift. Needs stiff shocks too. Ranchos canít hang. I got RS9000s and I should have went bilstine. The steering is itís main flaw on mine other than transmission. It could use a red head gear box since Iím almost at 300k miles. Itís getting sloppy. I would also ****** the exhaust back pressure valve if you are in Texas. Mine hangs up and it doesnít know itís warm already.
All in all still a great rig with great highway power with only a TS 6 chip. Still A rough riding dog off the line but it can do so much and hold all 4 of my boys with ease. Good luck.
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Get a mild chip, intake and get rid of the muffler and put a resonator or just replace the
whole exhaust with 4-inch. Get gauges, and a valve body for the trans and its will be
fine. Get some slightly bigger injectors and you will get Ok power. It wont be a race
truck.. Keep it mild and you wont need any other inter mods other than the pre-pump and inside the tank mods (look up the Hutch mods), and remove the intake heater if you dont
get very cold.

You will already have the under dash panels that make it quieter, I picked up those years
ago for my truck (has to be auto for to fit a super duty though.)

There are bunches of good shops that will build a great trans that will hold up well with
most the power unless you get crazy with it..
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