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I didn't get any good pics of the upper brackets i made, but it's just a 1/4" thick plate that ties into the original bump stop bolt holes on the bottom side of the frame rail. It extends inboard enough for a full footprint of the top of the bag. I then used 1 1/2" X 1/4" angle iron vertical supports that tied into another matching angle iron bracket that runs horizontally, tying into both 5th wheel bracket bolts, which you can see in the pic, so no frame mods or holes were made. I had the upper brackets powder coated before final install. On the bottom. I traced out the daystar pucks and made matching size plates, which I welded to the saddle axle mounts, which I also welded in place. Looking back, I suppose I could've made some U bolt and saddle brackets that could bolt on. this system is never coming off, and I built it as a one-off deal. If someone were to do a production type deal, I think the bolt on method would be best.
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