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Old 10-23-2017, 09:37 PM
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Default 6.4 Gone. 2017 6.7 F350 Platinum In.

So as many of you know...I owned the 08' Black and Grey EC/LB F350 6.4 that I bought from Mink on here 3.5 years ago...he had basically run the truck to the end of its mechanical life so after a new motor and new trans and doing big fuel and VGT compounds....

I got tired of the truck always having something wrong with it and after almost a year of trying to sell it and having no luck I washed my hands of it and found a dealer that took it in on trade in for a new Shadow Black 2017 F350 CCLB SRW truck.

Truck is so nice, I basically moved 10 years into the future with the tech this thing has. It has the platinum ultimate package with the 360 degree trailer tow camera setup and the red/brown "Brunella" Interior with vinyl flooring (thrilled about this) and it has several other options as well....

Not much planned for this truck other than window tint and debadge and maybe some PTM work. It's a company owned truck (family owned company that I work for) so for the time being the warranty has to stay which sucks but tuning has a ways to go with these trucks and they run so good stock that I'm ok with it for a while.

Just felt like sharing with all of you, this site has taught me a ton about PSD in general!

FYI - Yes I did keep my Specialty Forged 22s off my old truck. Since so many people keep asking me if I did, sheesh....

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08' F350 6.4L EC/LB FX4 - long gone.

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Nice man. Congrats
psa original #268
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Hell yea buddy. Happy for ya.


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Nice Congrats !

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Old 10-24-2017, 01:33 AM
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Congrats!! Did it come with the camera you mount on the trailer?

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Old 10-24-2017, 03:55 AM
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nice! congrats man!

live life full throttle
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Beautiful truck dude.
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Very nice!!! Congrats!
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Default 6.4 Gone. 2017 6.7 F350 Platinum In.

Hell yeah!
Glad it worked out for ya
12 pack says you tune it inside a year haha
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Looks killer. Those SF wheels will look awesome on that color. I have a built 6.7 for sale now...

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