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Originally Posted by akf250 View Post
Ya keep the videos coming. The more motivation the better!

Got words that my new O-ringed heads got machined today and will be assembled tomorrow, hopefully ship next week. Front cover removal and surface cleaning until the weekend.

Right on bro!!!
Bet if you did the Run what you brung challenge after the build youíd hit it in 5 seconds lol I watched it again last night to see what you had done to the truck geeze man it was all stock! Egr on and all lol i was like man! That thing did well a mile high above 5.02 seconds was wicked I was so pumped man!!!!! Post that vid so people know what kinda rig your working with get familiar, itís cool!!!!!!
I will for sure man. Your rigs gunna be narly man lol

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Default Progress

Progress Update

Got the Oil Fill and Front Cover off last night.

Two bolts were hiding

Slid right off with no effort after I found them. Need to move my brighter shop lights back over.

Got the first pass of block surface cleaning done as well. Used a Scotch Brite Roloc 120 grit wheel and it worked like a champ. I'm gonna go over it a few more times with a light scotch brite pad to even up the whole surface.

This is the video I followed:


Carbon Build Up on Top of Cylinder

I need advice on how to deal with the carbon build up right at the top of the cylinder?

I hate to scratch up the cylinder wall in anyway. What have people used in the past? Or do you just leave it?

Razor blade? Then a scotch brite dabbed in oil/brakeleen?

Tial Wastegate Flange

Could anyone help me find a new wastegate dump flange for a Tial wastegate?

I just need the flange to weld into my downpipe. The downpipe I received from the individual I bought the turbos and wastegate setup is garbage. Looks like someone took it out back and shot it up a few times and then welded it in blindfolded.

The flange measures 45mm/1.75" inside diameter.

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Default AKF250 Alaska Build - (650-700HP BUILD)

Ps. Get the updated rear main seal for assembly, others may say the pre-update is fine. But after 57km on my new engine i got a pretty decent leak from
The rear main lol, theres an update for it. I got it and itís orange and beefí with a extra rubber seal on it.
Idk if the machine shop installed it incorrectly or not or bad part but Its leaking. And now i gotta pull the tranny etc to fix, replace all the one time use flywheel bolts..i just put new lol etc So save your butt. Itís $89 CAD my cost from Ford.. itís orange on the inside.

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Subscribed can’t wait to see it finished

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