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Old 05-28-2018, 09:37 PM
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Default Collapsed my CS pipe...lil help plz

Hey fellas just looking to put my mind at ease and for some advice if needed.

Saturday I was running very late (in mexico) and was doing some spirited driving. As I was passing a tanker I experienced what can be described as a cut in power like reaching the governor except I was a LITTLE below where that would be (if it still exists with tune). I let off then put my foot into it again and am pretty sure I heard a backfire and a puff of blue smoke out the back and it didn't rev past about 1200 RPM. I coasted for a bit then pulled off onto a side road and popped the hood, immediately saw that my H&S cold side pipe had collapsed. Turned off the truck and it went back to normal with a little massage, i looked and felt all over and there were no holes in it. Fired up the truck; OK. Rev'd a bit and same thing wouldn't go past 1200 and the pipe sucked in again with a blue puff out the tailpipe. Turned off the truck and climbed up to further look around, that's when I noticed that my Positive Air Shutoff was 3/4 to 7/8 closed (didn't notice right away cause the shop sucked on install and had to take off indicator as it was hitting my hood). So safe to say I believe I hit the RPM set point (3800ish? no idea) and tripped it (supposed to close 100% and kill truck, probably good it didn't given the speed i was moving). I reset the PAS, started truck, didn't see or hear anything odd then carried on my way at a more reasonable speed back to town.

Story time over, my question is could I have damaged anything in this process? I got no codes during or after the incident, no funny sounds or running different that I can tell. Just the tube has some bulges and creases where it was compressed ( I'll be replacing the hose as its integrity has been compromised ) I havent dropped the hammer since and I've maybe driven like that once or twice since tuned, its my work truck if I beat on it, it doesn't make me $$ while its down. Maybe look into getting Tyrant to drop some shift points? I'd love to get rid of the PAS, but it's a safety requirement in the industry.

Mods are:
Tyrant Tuning set on Performance
No Limit Stage 2
H&S silicone tube OEM replacement
EGR De|ete
4" De|ete pipe, 5" after

A rare, recently cleaned pic.

Old 05-29-2018, 05:35 AM
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sounds like your positive air shutoff was either malfunctioning or it is programmed to activate lower than your WOT shift point.
Old 05-30-2018, 09:31 PM
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Yes, that is an accurate assessment of what happened. I was just looking for some input from the knowledgeable fellas on here if doing so would have caused excess wear on anything I should look at is all.

Lots of views, no one else has anything? Is a PAS not a very common item around these parts? I imagine what I did is opposite of what happens when the stock guys blow the CS pipe or boot off?

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