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Default In a bind with tuning, what to do?

I picked up ezlink, intake and d***** parts from No Limit, in September, the tunes are from tyrant, when I first loaded everything up the shifts were very firm, it felt like tow haul was on and shifts were drug out. I was afraid to hurt the trans so never went past #3 on the 5 position switch.

I later find out about clearing the Kam to help, had a local shop do that, seems to soften the shifting, only complaint would be a quick shift 3-4 and shifting a hair late into 6th.

So I go in ezlink to check for any updates and all the tunes are gone I called no limit 2 times gave them vin and ezlink #'s they evidently had a firmware update.

Fast forward to today I tow my trailer with my side×sides, it weighs maybe 8k pounds, I put I tow haul, really doesn't seem to work right anymore, seems like the converter stays locked too long, I'm going up a grade like 60 in 6th converter locked in tow haul, seems like it should downshift and doesn't, and I feel a shutter in the converter, i think?

Don't know what to do I have no tunes, inconsistent shifts and now this shutter, it's not all the time, has to be a certain condition. I will be bent if in 2500 miles I have hurt the trans or converter.

Thanks Jay
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Call No Limit again
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TSD, has a bunch of tcm files that covers all the different shift points and firmness, check them out I love all the options i have from them
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