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Default 95 No Start Died while driving

6637 Filter
3" up pipe
"who knows what else hacked in by PO's"

Gentlemen I have had a run of bad luck recently trying to stay positive this was just another thing to my pile but on...
Monday morning headed to work Truck developed a slight hiccup or bump couldn't tell. Turned radio off and windows down couldn't quite pick it up I was doing Highway speeds. I let off the throttle it went away I then got back into it and it was worse. The engine was breaking up. Almost as if it was running out of fuel. I have had a UVHC external plug burn up on me before it was like that but different lol. So I just continued to let the truck roll in N so trying to make it to the next exit. Soon the engine stalled. No restart while rolling I tried. I drifted ever so slowly to a stop in a parking lot right after the exit. Tried to start the truck and it wasn't having it. Cranked fine but wasn't gonna start. I got under the hood and couldn't find anything quick so I had to get her a stretcher ride home. I then replaced the CPS I am pretty sure that the dealer sold me the wrong one but he assured me it wasn't. That's a big no go didn't work. So now I had to call my boss and say I wasn't coming in. Well he informed me he was sorry but I would be getting written up since I am still on new hire probation. Since the last place I work laid me off I am starting over again.

SO I get the truck into my garage and I checked my FB it seemed fine a little cruddy but all in all ok. I took it out cleaned it up changed out the FL since they were barley there and put it back in with high hopes and once again nothing had to get a ride to work 2hrs early not paid with the wife and then get a ride home all week I have been doing this.

So a friend lends me a scanner (Blue point eerc or something) it worked but I got way less than I thought I would. Upon initial plug in under advanced I believe I got 3 codes P1280 ICP low circuit, P0472 EPS Low input, and a PO603 PCM Keep Alive memory Error.
The KOEO test came up with P0605 PCM ROM test something, and P0470 EPS.

Truck does not smoke while cranking except.... This evening I unplugged the ICP and EPS and cranked the crap out of it. It smoked a little and eventually chugged but never fired.

There is a loud clicking from behind or near the Fuel pump Oil is fine and tuner is unplugged. I went this evening and got a Fuel Pressure Test kit I am going to go out and try that next Because I am assuming it may be that pump but IDK and I don't want to muck this up more than it possibly already could be.

Any Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I am newer to Diesel trucks but not a green mechanic. I need some help Thanks in advance.

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