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Single shots will help, not sure the intercooler will too much. With the 7.3 you are pushing
it 100% so it gets to the limits. With 6.7 it has lots more HP and Torque so it will be at
65% and still have plenty to go.

I agree, the extra gears sure would be nice, helps stay in the power band. When ours
shift up we fall right out of the bottom of the peak HP range and most of the time
on big hills there isn't enough left to get it back into the power. Your 410 gears should
help, my 373's don't do me any favors when pulling. I have to drop down early if loosing
speed before it would be too low of RPM even in the next lower gear. Honestly the
38r really drops out below 2000rpm. It was the thing to do at the time, better
options for lower end power now but I don't want to spend the cash when 99.9%
of the time it works just fine.

The HPOP, turbo, and the injectors really help. I don't push it though, I want the
truck to last a few more years.
2k, F350 SuperCruzer, 7.3L Diesel, Auto trans, 4x4, GH Tunes w/160/30s, S&B cold air intake, 4-inch turbo-back exhaust, Garrett 38r, Adrenaline HPOP, BTS Transmission w/6.0 cooler, Swamps IDM(broke, back to stock), AIC, in-tank and pre-pump mod, Heater valve mod, X-car sound panel mod

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