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Old 01-12-2020, 08:43 PM
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Default Frustrated with Transmission rebuild , Help

, Iíve rebuilt this transmission once before and didnít have any problems , so 2 weeks ago I decided to freshen it up , after tear down, the intermediate and overdrive clutches had a some hot spots but nothing major wrong . I replaced those and checked all others . I got ready to put the pump back in a decided to change the bushing , I screwed up as I was working in my dim lighted shop , I knocked the bushing out the wrong way and busted that lip off the bushing stop or what ever itís called , so I had a spare pump and robbed that outer half , I also changed the stator tube , I made sure it was a 4R100 stator tube pump half but for gas burner ! , I bought a new converter from the Ford Dealer Also , now the trans had soft shifts , so I pulled it again , OD clutched burned , I thought there was a problem with the pump from changing the half and stator tube , I once again replaced clutches and bought a new reman pump , this is when I put the one way clutch in backwards , I got that fixed and now the trans still has soft shifts , OD is the worse slide bang from feels like low pressure , so I replaced the solenoid pack , same issue .
So Iím wondering if the converter could be the problem even though itís new , or is that even possible., any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
Old 01-13-2020, 07:15 PM
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Default Trans pressure

Idle and neutral 60psi
Reverse 85 psi
OD 60 psi
2 60 psi
95 psi
At stall speed
Reverse 275 psi
OD 165 psi
2 165 psi
1 170 psi
On the interstate driving 60 mph if I go to the floor with the pedal it shifts down and when it shifts back up it hits 170 on the OD shift
Old 01-18-2020, 09:10 AM
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You need Mike Kovalasky he is Former Ford trans engineer on here or the nation.
Mine since 2001: 91 F250 RC 4x4 5spd 7.3 IDI 4.10LS Banks Turbo Electric Fuel 92 D60 w 97 brakes and Powerlock Hydro boost Flatbed
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The pressures look good. The converter can't cause soft shifts.

Does it have a tune? That can cause soft shifts.
Former Ford Automatic Transmission Engineer

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Old 01-26-2020, 04:42 PM
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Update on on this , transmission is fixed , problem was the outer seal in the forward clutch drum , it it air checked as good as any I’ve done . All pressures looked good

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