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Default Ideas for mounting winch

Hi guys, I am wanting to mount a 10,000 lb - 15,000 lb winch on my front bumper. It appears to be a custom bumper, it was already on the truck when I bought it so not sure, but it is very similar to a ranch hand legend. I don't have a winch yet. Haven't bought one because I don't know for sure how I would mount it. I need to decide how to mount it before buying one so I make sure whatever winch I end up getting isn't too big. My dilemma is that I can't mount one in the center underneath that bar because that's where my license plate goes. I'm thinking about cutting a section out of the skid plate underneath the bumper, adding a horizontal shelf for it to sit on that's recessed back into the skid plate a bit, and bolting it to that, but not sure if that will be sturdy enough. Also not sure if that will be enough space for the size winch I need. The other thing I thoight of is getting a mounting track and just bolting it straight to the outside of the skid plate and mounting the winch to that. If I did that it would be at a downward angle though, and I'm not sure if that would affect the performance of the winch. Let me know what your thoughts are, or if you have any other ideas. Thanks!
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Pondered this as well. I have a 12 or 15,000 lb Ramsey with steel line on it. Came with one of my trucks and I took it off as I never liked the DIY bumper. Was thinking about adding two 2” receivers front and back for a total of 3 per each end of truck. Then put the winch on a plate with fairlead that slides into the receivers. In this way you can choose which end and when not in use toss in the box. Rationale for 3 receivers is if you have to pull at an angle, spread the load without wrecking receiver. The downside, Ramsey is brutally heavy and would have to switch to synthetic line. Also I own a Honda Pioneer 500 side by side rather then beating up the pet truck the P5 gets it. Solid mount would be heavy and I feel hard on the front end. Lastly, because of the side by side, I’ve not been stuck (with truck) for years.... and most guys with winches end up yanking buddies out and mashing gear.
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That's what I was gonna offer, as a rule of thumb use your gvwr multiply by 1.5 and that should be minimum size winch to run. With the design of bumper you have I'd do a receiver style mount as well just below the bumper tubing back to the frame and add some bracing if needed.

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I always thought it would be best just to have a receiver mount in front and back and keep the winch I the tool box. That way it's not always riding and weighing down the front. But it also gives U the option of mounting in front or back when ever u need it.

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