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Originally Posted by Petro View Post
Talking to you is a lost cause. My original comment was said because someone suggested it will not start without glowplugs, that comment was flat out false. You can remove the glow plug control module and it will start the same. You make comments based on the 7.3 level of starting, thats why I'm calling you a 7.3 guy.
Ok cool, so you resort to insults. I made comments that with no glow plugs my truck smoked and chugged like an old 7.3 starting cold. Are you the kind of guy who refuses to plug in his block heater because the truck starts without it? You say it will start the same without a glow plug module. We can argue about what temperature that will no longer be the case, however at some point it will not start the same, and it will eventually fail to start without them. I guess I was wrong about what temperature that is, but it still will happen.

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My 6.4 with 60% nozzles one battery and the glow plugs turned completely off started and ran fine at 30*. I think Dustin has a video of him starting his white truck with the glow plugs turned off with 100% nozzles and one battery as well. It fired ight up at around zero I believe.

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