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Default Definitive Transfer Case info?

Trying to figure out what t-cases with what spline counts are behind what trannies in what year of trucks. Links or info very much appreciated. There's a lot of conflicting resources.
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All t-cases behind 99-04 4r100s will interchange esof or manual shift.

99-03 Zf-6 transmissions (minus 6.0 zf-6) all t-cases will interchange esof or manual shift interchange.

Neither trans is "bolt on" capable for a t-case in those years.

5r110 and zf-6 starting with 03 6.0 through 2010 all use the same t-case and spline count. All interchange esof or manual shift. 5rs are all bolt on 4x4 capable. Starting in 05 gas trucks all use the same t-case

11 up (I haven't changed as many of these yet) but all seem to interchange. Doesn't seem to matter gas or diesel. All 6rs I have encountered, or that we have performed 2wd to 4wd swaps on, have been 4x4 bolt on.

Starting in 08 you can very rarely see a truck with a slip yoke rather then a flange on the tcase.

That is all from personal experience interchanging them. Not saying you couldn't occasionally, I suppose, run into a odd ball but all of the above is what I have encountered.
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Many parts available for super duty trucks PM me.

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