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Your injectors are worn. You have 2 choices, shim them for $100 or buy new/reman ones. I went through the exact same problem with my 2000 model with 235k. At around 200-250k+, the injectors wear past factory tolerances and have to be shimmed or replaced. Feebay has the shim kits and tools to do this. It sucks to do but is worth it in the end.

Before I shimmed my injectors, the truck was eating batteries due to long cranking times. I had to have them both replaced. My truck also would not start when it got below 50deg. At this temp and below, the oil gets thick and will not actuate the HEUI injectors due to their worn out (very close, .002 thousandths or below) tolerances.

Shimming and changing to Rotella T6 synthetic 5w/40 and using Archoil eliminated my starting issues. No more block heater was needed.

I have since replaced the injectors with reman hybrid FFD 205/80s single shots and couldn't be happier. Also, hybrids require less oil pressure to actuate than the factory split-shots.
2004 F550 with 2000 7.3, Forged. 205/80 FFD injectors, S&B intake, Diamond Eye 4" exhaust. 1023 Tuning. Stock Tranny, Stock Turbo (for now) KC300X66/73 coming soon. Pioneer, Kicker, and Memphis audio system with back-up camera.

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