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Old 04-06-2018, 07:43 AM
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Default I love my 99 F-350 but Ford sucks.

Needed a muffler for my 1999 F-350 C&C Dully. The muffler, forward pipe, tail pipe are all one piece. No longer available from Ford. 3 1/2" system. Maybe some of you have been there before. There are all types of conversions out there but nothing in 3 1/2". I did find out, (through about 8 hours of research) that the "Muffler" 3 1/2" ID in x 3 1/2" ID out, 8 1/4 wide x 11 1/2 tall, 20" base, (used on E-350s, F-450s) is available through Auto-Jet.com in Iowa. Perfect fit. Just had to do a little cutting on existing pipes to install. Now on to the leaf spring replacements. WOW!
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It's a twenty year old dinosaur. Dealer parts houses only have so much space.
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^^as said--old trucks regardless of mfgr. Factory exhaust parts (especially) with every fixtured hanger and factory located part leave stock once it runs out-- being in the business, most suppliers are only obligated to keep replacements around for 10 yrs or so. Lots of will fit replacements available from aftermarket.
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Ya not sure why you'd waste time finding parts for the factory exhaust when you can buy entire 4" exhausts aftermarket with a muffler for like 350 bucks.
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If you don't want to get a whole system you can buy a Walker Big Truck Muffler and have a shop cut the stock muffler out and put that in.
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Most muffler shops can bend up whatever you want.
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