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Old 12-06-2017, 09:41 PM
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Default Bully Dog PMT / H&S Black Maxx Help?

Do any of you guys happen to own one of these units?

I have a friend with one, and I'm trying to repair the wiring on it. The "Cradle" as they call it, where it attaches to the Display unit has a screw on the plug that allows you to open it up and look at the circuit board like this:

[Imgur Album of the Cradle wires & pinout.](https://imgur.com/a/gVUhd)

I've asked about this here before but got 0 replies, and it was a year old thread that I replied to anyway.

[The Original Thread](http://powerstrokearmy.com/forums/sh...t=69565&page=3)

I've found a few listings of people selling them, either original cables, or ones they've made themselves. They want between $150 to $250 for them. Which is why I'm repairing it, because it's only a little soldering on a circuit board, which I've done before.

If any of you HAVE one or know somebody that does. I just need some pictures like the ones in the imgur album I linked. So please take pictures of the different sides of the circuit board, so I can tell where the wires go back.

I was able to figure out all the wires except the Red, White, and Orange wires.

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