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Old 05-19-2017, 06:28 AM
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~2600 now thanks to Midwest. Oil still looks friggin brand new!
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135,6xx as of yesterday
2008 350 KR - H&S, Flo~Pro, 2.5" Icon, 35" MTZ

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe
Old 05-21-2017, 04:14 PM
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Clicked 60k yesterday.
2003 Mustang GT stockish
2002 Civic (DD)
2008 F-350 Lariat CCLB Dually tuned on a diet
Old 06-14-2017, 07:18 PM
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I just hit 23,500 this past weekend.
2009 F350 4x4 CCLB
Old 07-03-2017, 07:43 AM
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302,000 kilometres

There's the truck.. let me give you some background on it too maybe it will help my case.. it's an 08 F-250 Job 1 FX4 i think.. i can't tell what trim. I just know the colour and wheel package signifies a trim as I've seen it on other super duties.. anyways it has 300,000 kilometres and when I showed up it had a reduced engine power light.
I pulled these codes
And P2452

I checked for blowby
There was some.. i put the cap on the fill cap it could NOT levitate it.. i Checked the oil it was FULL and black.. i checked coolant it was red/orange and low. Under low fill mark. Where the Mold line is..
i cleared the codes
He told me it had an exhaust on it with stacks that i still have sitting in the box but not hooked up.. and that it came from alberta and that he got it and got pulled over by the ministry of environment. And they told him to put a proper exhaust on so he got one put on it has a cat and *** but aparently he said it is clogged says his mechanic.. thats why it ran like that. In reduced power mode.. so I know somebody had to of tuned the truck because im sure the guy didnt have the *** on with stacks but maybe he did anyways it also has a afe stage 2 that is in horrible shape the boot connecting to the turbo fell apart when i undid it to check shaft play
And the filter was absolutely clogged i mean filthy so i took it off cleared the codes
Reduced engine power was gone I cleaned the filter as much as i could put it on and went for a rip and I basically fixed it infront of him. poor guy didnt know much.. so i got him from $10K to $4500.00
DROVE IT NO PROBLEMS 4.5 hours home! On a super hot day
Passed a few cars too! Like I got on it and thankfully it didnt blow but i never went past 100 because i couldnt there was a nasty vibration i figured ujoint.. so now im home and i bring the truck to get certified.. it needs a Left front wheel bearing and u joint and pinion seal both at the front diff
And the kicker is no wonder it would shake at 100 i was stuck in 4x4 i couldnt tell honestly and im not an idiot
It didnt crab walk i had wheels in full lock it drove as if it was in two wheel and i wasnt a hot head and never squealed the tires so i couldnt of "found out the hard way" anyways. He fixed it. It's certified
That night literally 6 days after i got the truck. I was driving home wanted to see if it still shook at 130.. so I pick it up from the mechanic (keep in mind ive had it for 6 days been driving it around here and there and reduced engine power never came back on) well i pick it up and i go to turn onto the street and it comes back on.. i get worried go to my friends i got p2452 and thats it.. if i remember.. clear it
drives fine
But now as I give light throttle theres a good amount of lag and blueish whiteish smoke and black smoke coming out
Sometimes black
Sometimes the other colours.
My buddy called me i last him in traffic and he said what kind of tune you have i said stock.. he said no way because he owns sudbury custom auto and he had 2 6.4s and stock he said they wouldnt even puff and i will admit if i got on it
It would cough a small puff..
But i never thought about it
I was hoping someone didnt leave this truck with a tune.
I continue on my journey now with my girlfriend finally on the way home her first time! IN THE TRUCK! How embarrassing..
Anyways so im doing like 100 i got on it full throttle
(Yes stupid me)
(Why would you...-I don't know i'm an idiot i get it it was hurt to begin with)
Those are my flaws.
I felt a horrible shake
My girlfriend said pull over we smelled a burning smell not bad but worried me too..
I look down at the gauge its lit up the rpms at 0 the truck died.. i coast maybe 100m to a stop. Keep in mind i was driving and i wasnt looking at the gauges and when it died when i finallt looked down and said "oh ****" i realized the truck was still in D so i got worried thinking my engines turning with no oil so i slap it into N come to a stop
Try and start it
And it starts like i said like that black ford on youtube when he did a burnout and killed the truck.. "title is powerstroke blows up" if you want to referance
I MEAN EXACTLY how it started.

But like i said
Never spewed coolant
And no white smoke
Just minor smoke from the oil puddle i saw under the turbo and running down the oil fill cap.. i thought the engine puked and sent oil through the ccv or pcv into the intake to the turbo.. because when i pulled the intake off again. Thats when the boot fell apart in my hand (previously stated i said i took the boot off and it crumbled i was talking about now. When i first got the truck i took off the filter only to try and start it i hadnt taken the whole tube off but i did see how gross the boots looked then) anyways i pulled the intake off there was a film of oil in the intake
And in the intake box where the filter sits a little puddle and in the inlet of turbo
It has shaft play for sure. Not like a knife through butter tho just up and down.. oil running down the passenger side of the block.
I looked at the coolant bottle it was bubbling.. so i tried to start it again and same thing
Slow turn over
Anyways my buddy showed up with a scanner then and i frieken forget what the codes were! Im so upset i didnt write them down.. and he cleared them thinking it would start we even had a booster pack to it. so i figured i seized or hydrolocked it or a piston was dragging so fortunately where it died there was a diesel service center for big rigs mostly. I left it there
And then a couple days after i call to check and the guy says he thinks the turbo blew and that theres no oil pressure i said how do you think theres no oil pressure he said i looked at the gauge on the dash. Obviously he didnt know its a tranny temp gauge..
anyways so they have yet to really hook up a scanner and do a good diagnostic i had a good chat with the owner hes cool and hes going to look at it personally when he has a minute its been two weeks but im not rushing we hit it off and hopefully he can help
Apparently hes awesome at scanning and electrical and diagnosing with computers.. but his guy said he got it started no booster pack no nothing it turned over moderately and started no power when he pressed the gas and then it died and wouldnt start again
Thats where im at the last ive heard
Now hopefully you all get the jist that im just an average guy trying to get his truck back and running
I have the new turbo if its gone
The egr ****** exhaust DP tuner everything
Just waiting to hear from them what i messed up
I looked at the coolant again last night the shops not far from my house i like to visit lol
The coolant seemed lower
Still not milky tho at all
Didnt see any dirt
Oils black
And i dont see any new leaks
But i didnt attempt starting it

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Old 07-27-2018, 02:04 PM
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Turned 182,000miles! Last modification was the CCV and I hate the cloud it makes but am curious to see the oil analysis results.
Change oil every 12,000 miles and filter at 6000. Every other oil change I do fuel filters also.
Oil is sent for analysis and has always come back exceptionally well, they keep telling me to go longer on oil change, but can't get myself to do it.
I use Motorcraft filters and Royal Purple since I've purchased.
This is the first oil change I am not putting Archoil friction modifier in, just to see my results next year.
Old 07-27-2018, 02:07 PM
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218k stock

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Old 07-29-2018, 07:50 AM
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Just turned 26,000 yesterday.
2009 F350 4x4 CCLB
Old 07-30-2018, 06:24 AM
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212,000kms here
2009 F-250 FX4 CCSB, Mini Maxx w/ Blendmount, MBRP Exhaust, No Limit Intake, No Limit CCV, HID Retro'd Headlights, 295/70/18 Cooper ST MAXX, Sinister Coolant Filter, Line x in the bed, Ebay billet grille
Old 08-10-2018, 01:59 PM
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12,142 miles 2010 f350. no problems, bought new.

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