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Originally Posted by 79jasper View Post
Yeah, it can/has been done.
Just stating the fact that mechanical engines are better with it.

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Ummm, no they arent. Theres literally zero reason thats true.

Fleece runs wmo through his daily driver cr truck. Any diesel is fine on oil.

Its fair to say that I missed out on buying fuel for a year. Maybe longer assuming an average mix of 50% over two years. Experiment started on 225k mile stock injectors. I used oil from known good engines. Filtered several times down to 2 mics. Engine oil is filtered less when its lubricating an engine.

Water? Not worried. If diesel isnt laden with water theres no reason oil is. And theres no reason the pre and post pump filters wouldnt catch it just as they do in fuel.

Anyway. Two years. No issues.

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