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Originally Posted by cjfarm111 View Post
Originally Posted by lincolnlocker View Post
You shouldn't have an issue with a oem bosch pump running that size
If you need more then run a dual oem bosch setup. That will be the most reliable and quiet choice. I believe a bosch 044 pump is better then a walbro which is a hair better then a stock bosch oem pump.. my 170/100s drop zero psi at full song with a single walbro.

live life full throttle
I have 175/80s and use a stock SD pump. No pressure drop. No noise either.

Originally Posted by Zeb View Post
Another pump choice is the Walbro GSL392X.
I have one on my OBS with 160/0 injectors, and another one on my 6.0 Excursion with 205/30ís. Some guys will holler about reliability issues with the Walbro, but the one on the OBS has been on there for 15,000 miles, and the Excursionís has 28,000 miles on it. Both never come off the hottest tune and maintain fuel pressure just fine.
Iíve got 6 different 6.0 trucks with 190/30ís and 205/30ís running Walbro pumps with zero failures. The highest miles on a system is nearly 60,000.
My experience with them has been excellent, and they are virtually silent also.
Be careful with Walbro pumps. There are a lot of fake re-branded and bootleg Walbro pumps out there. Also, there are a lot of bootleg Bosch pumps out there.

Whatever fuel pump you decide to go with, make sure it's rated for diesel.

Billy T.
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For quietness, you can't beat the OEM Bosch pumps. There's also something to be said for finding replacements easily in case the pump dies.

The Fuelab is a bit noisy, but it is a very solid pump. It's also overkill for most injectors. I don't like the noise with the key on and engine off, but once the truck is running you don't really notice it.
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My goal here was to just replace the fuelab with something quieter and keep my filter housing intact but that might not be an option
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Originally Posted by gnxtc2 View Post
Be careful with Walbro pumps. There are a lot of fake re-branded and bootleg Walbro pumps out there. Also, there are a lot of bootleg Bosch pumps out there.

Whatever fuel pump you decide to go with, make sure it's rated for diesel.

Billy T.
This is very true. Buy from a reputable source. I use Summit Racing.
As another point of reference as far as what the Walbro GSL392X can handle is a customerís truck that has 250/100 hybrids, Adrenaline hpop, Brian Jelichís tuning, drop in KC366, and a Walbro with the stock tank pickup, stock lines, stock fuel filter bowl, RiffRaff FRx, and stock fuel fittings in the head with the check valves removed, stock head bolts, stock valve train, etc, 4x4, crew cab, long bed, F250 with Ranch Hand bumpers front and rear.
It has never been on a dyno, but his best 1/4 mile mph is 98.39mph at 7900lbs.
He daily drives and tows with it regularly.
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My 200/80s will tank the pressure down to 20psi in a hot tune with a stock pump, but pressure stays above 50psi in all other tunes.
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I put in a new Bosch pump when I put in 160/80s. I have the medium spring in my FRx and I idle at 62psi.

I don't mash the throttle (worn tires) but a hard-ish launch to freeway speeds fuel pressure might dip to 55 psi. That's in my GH Street tune.

The Bosch pump is super quiet compared to my OEM pump. I am sure some of the noise was from the fact that it was probably tired at 15 years old with 305K miles on it when I removed it.
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