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Default 330k on clock, what internals to upgrade?

I’ve got 330k on the clock and she’s paid off so I’m looking to shoot for the 1k HP mark. Now, I know this is a lofty goal but I’d like to reach as close too (or over) it as I can. What engine internals and transmission work needs to be done to keep it from spitting a rod or toasting the trans? Its been dieting, has a SXE364.5 with full piping. Looking for any personal experiences or preferences when it comes to manufactures or parts. I’ve done all the work to this truck and I’m going to turn all the wrenches on this too for personal satisfaction.
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Rods, studs, etc...I recall there being some lists online for what it takes to make a grand with the 6.7 and pretty sure you'll need more than the 64mm. Dual fuel is going to be required to make a grand too. I have the strongest kit Suncoast makes for the 6r and they say 750 but I'm sure with good tuning it would be ok @1,000 unless I am racing/pulling/dyno all the time. Midwest, ATS, and others will build high HP transmissions as well. I'm going off of my own research for what I could find so may be different situation for you. Not much activity here anymore but post a build thread, love to see how it goes for you.
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