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Default 6.7 Full Emission Tuning

Ok so I'm not sure how many guys on here tune and how many are just here to read but let's talk about 6.7 Emission compliant tuning.

So from what I can find most big companies are starting to do it. Has anyone actually put a tuned emission in tact truck through emission testing? This is not really talked about other then solely selling point. This post may change several different directions depending on input.

Who is doing it?
Duramax Tuner

Has anyone done a test on trucks to see actual power difference in ******** them vs. in tact? With this I mean REAL world numbers. Like just the ****** what is the ACTUAL power difference?


The emissions world has come a long ways over even the last 3 years let alone the last 10 years. So I know many of you guys will disagree with me on this but I don't look at this newer emissions world being that much of an issue now that tuning has gotten better and equipment is flowing better. Fuel mileage is obviously in question too but that is so hard to do TRUE testing with as there are way too many variables in this so I do not wish to discuss this side of it in this post at least. Just true facts that can be backed and proven.
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