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Default Excursion body swap???

I have a 2002 excursion with a 7.3. The body is goin to crap quicker than i can have it fixed. My question is can i swap a gas body over to my 7.3. What would be involved with it. Any help would be appreciated?

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Yes you can.
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You can swap them. You basically will be swapping all of the wiring from the diesel to the gas body. This includes the dash. You can swap all of the parts of the dash between the 2 if there is a color difference, it will just take more time.

Depending on if you will still use your original frame or not, you will need to swap all of the wiring and fuel lines on it as well.

Not crazy hard to do as long as you have a lift to pick up the bodies and time. That is the hardest part of the swap is the time to strip both bodies down and put one back together.

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