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Well this is a first........

Why in the FUK would you pay for it if you dont think its worth it ?
You knew what (2 clamps & 1 boot) you were getting BEFORE you paid?!?!

Help me understand why you feel the need to complain about the price knowing what you were buying.
Dont give me the BS about a "review". A review would have went over install and if the product did or didnt do what it advertised, etc.

IF you dont like the price of something, dont buy it.

IF it works, you know why it costs the money asked.
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Originally Posted by buck russell View Post
Just wanted to share my feedback on your Intercooler boot "kit".

I've done plenty of research on my end as to what intercooler boots work the best and everyone comes back and says dieselsite or mishimoto. I've purchased the mishimoto kit and I still blow the lower IC boot off at 50psi+. Thus, I've been in search of a new piece to replace what I have and everyone I've spoken to says dieselsite boots are pretty much your only option. Hats off to you guys, you've cornered the market on this replacement boot which, is notorious for blowing off or ripping.

Just some friendly feedback on your product and your site:

1. The site itself isn't the easiest to navigate nor is the product description that great. Here is the product I purchased: http://www.dieselsite.com/20045-2007...erbootkit.aspx

Your description of this product is: "The kit includes the boot that connects the intercooler pipe to the intercooler. It includes two T-bolt spring clamps. The spring bolt clamps are 300 series stainless steel with zinc coated bolts with a 300lb clamping strength. Recommended torque is 60 in/lbs"

While I have a pretty good understanding of my 6.4, I think that you really need to change your description to be a little more in depth and specific. There are two sides to the intercooler and someone who doesn't have a decent understanding of the motor or the product line, might purchase this and receive something they didn't intend to purchase. A little more information would go a long way.

2. I'm really having a hard time understanding how you arrive at the price of $85 for ONE boot and TWO clamps while the whole kit is just a hair under $200. The price is outrageous in comparison to your next closest competitor (Mishimoto). They offer their boot for $45 if I'm not mistaken and they offer a lifetime warranty. Granted, your boot is made of a different material, you don't offer any sort of product guarantee. At the end of the day, I received the product but am a bit soured by the fact that ONE boot and TWO spring clamps are $85 + shipping. The clamps themselves at cost can't be more than 4-5 dollars each and there's no way the boot itself makes up the remainder of the $85.

Overall, the product itself is nice and shipping was fast, but the product still doesn't seem worth the $85 for ONE boot and TWO clamps.
The clamps probably only cost 2-3.50 dollars each to the owner, and he sells them for 7 simple business practices... and the boot is probably only 30 dollars, the rest is PROFIT... The owner of diesel site is selling the products he is because he saw a demand for them, which there is and to make money, which he is. If you wanted a better deal you should have bought the whole kit for 200 which would bring it down to under 50 dollars per boot and clamps...
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Who was holding the gun to your head when you ordered the boot? The cops need to know ASAP!
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