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Default 2002 no start problems

For those that are interested this is a continuation of thishttp://powerstrokearmy.com/forums/sh...ad.php?t=77058 threads theme, I started a new thread for clarity.
I've been slowly putting the X back together for the wife. We got to the point where we thought it was a good time to start the truck. After multiple start attempts and some google/forum searching I determined the PATS system and my keys had lost the paring. I called up an uncle whom has the Ford IDS to do the job. The IDS system could not communicate with the PCM. The IDS contacted and communicated with all of the other systems in the truck. Without communication to the PCM the PATS cannot be reprogrammed. We next got the FORD Break Out Box hooked up. We verified all the grounds to the PCM were good with the break out box, we did find low voltage in the pin that should have a 5v reference. We had 1.2 volts. Following the identifix procedure we determined the PCM was bad. I shipped it out to Swamps. Those dudes tested and verified the PCM was good and required no refurbishment.
I'm getting the Uncle re scheduled to re connect and try the reprogramming. The question becomes what am I missing? Any thoughts from the group>


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