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Default P2138

Truck has been stored in the barn since October. I Started it yesterday to move it to the shop for some maintenance items. Truck fired right up no problem even with the cooler temp -10c (14F). As soon as I touched the throttle I got a wrench light & RPMs jumped up to about 1500. Depress the brake & & it went back to idle but throttle pedal is dead with foot on the brake. Take foot off the brake pedal & it revs back up.
Threw code P2138 – throttle pedal position sensor/switch D/E voltage correlation.
Shut it off & restart & idles normally until the throttle is touched, Then same thing again. Put the truck in the heated shop cleared the code & after 3 hours fired it up & all is normal. Can cold temps affect a weak throttle position sensor? Its’ never acted up in the past.
2010 F350 KR CCLB, mini max, MCC tuned.

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