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Originally Posted by Bugman View Post
Perhaps the OP needs to clarify a little.

Do you have a bench seat or do you have the 40/20/40 seats? In the first post you mention that it is a bench and then in another it sounds like you have 40/20/40 seats.
Sorry for the confusion, I have the 40/20/40 seat and just finished up swapping over the captains chairs. As was previously stated all i had to do was transfer the sliders over and it bolted right up. I dont know why I didnt figure that out in the first place.
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When I did this swap I took the captains chairs (40/20/40) split out of a single cab and bolted right in the backseat of my crew. Came out as one unit and bolted in as one unit.

I thing everything was the same on it from when I could tell when I compared it to my Grandpa's ext cab.

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