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Default Tail light turn signals are flashing backwards

I decided to make a video so you guys can pin point the weird problem maybe. I know it is hard to get a definite answer without physically diagnosing the problem. If any of you guys can help me out on an expert level, i highly appreciate it, so i can save some bucks by not going to a mechanic that will probably charge me an arm and a leg.
The bed was swapped from a 2008 250. My f250 is 2005. All the wiring from 2005 is hooked up to 2008 tail lights, one of the sockets looks like getting burned very lightly. Brown spots and the light bulb glass is getting some smoke color on them. Maybe a ground issue i do not know and i can't find the issue.
Also as you see when the brake pedal is pressed backup lights go on and front signals are working the way they supposed to.
Thanks for all the help.

2005 F250 Powerstroke 6.0 DieseL

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