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Originally Posted by Strokersace View Post
Are you guys really serious?!?!? Iíd have expected better knowledge out of you fellow ďexperiencedĒ 7.3 guys. By hand, then use the starter? Mess up the valve train? COME ON!! Work smarter not harder!

Big Bore (sorry man I canít remember your name as itís been YEARS! Frank is it?), do it how youíve always done it!! So long as thereís oil in the bottom of the engine to lube the rotating assembly, you wonít have an issue. There is NO compression in any cylinders, so even though Berman has apparently reverted back to his dipwad days, it wonít cause issues with the vavletrain at all!

Throw a few bolts into each VC, keep the 42 pin connector unplugged so the idm isnít commanding fuel injection, and bump the starter several times. Pull covers, clean up any messes as oil drips off them, reinstall whatís left, and change the oil for good measure since it now has raw fuel in it from the injector swap, then go drive the piss out of it to get the air out of the system!

If Iíve done one 7.3 injector swap this way, Iíve done 30 (maybe more) over the years. Never once have I (and likely hundreds of other people) EVER had a problem only bumping the starter to evacuate the cylinders.
Yea man, it's been a few years, you got it right.

I've done it that way several times with no issues but I'm also aware I might have been lucky lol, and I just can't afford to break things right now due to tight schedule and a long road trip ahead so I guess I'm more nervous about things like this than I used to be. I don't mind taking a little extra time to roll it by hand a few times, cheap insurance.
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Originally Posted by Powerstroked162 View Post
... I don't want to be left assuming you're a dipchit. I want you to prove it to me...

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