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Originally Posted by gnxtc2 View Post
Which master did you use? The OBS one or the F-Superduty?

Well, since I have single piston rear calipers currently I use a master cylinder from a 99 expedition.

piston volume in cubic inches is very close to the setup I am currently running. The expedition had dual piston front calipers and single piston rears.

It definitely made the single piston calipers work correctly or at least working a lot harder than they were.

I have tried the OEM master, the super duty master that the hydroboost came from, and an E350 master cylinder. I think there was one other odd ball too, smaller bore to increase pressure with less pedal activation.
the Expedition by far made the rear calipers work the hardest and braking the best.

my front pads are something fancy I bought with drilled and slotted rotors and I am starting to think they are junk and not grabbing worth a crap, but then maybe it is hydroboost not working correctly.

It panic stops well, but daily driving I think pedal pressure is way too much as well as steering effort. I took some caster out and it helped a ton but I shouldn't have to do that.
I just shouldn't have to push so hard on the pedal for normal stopping.

My focus right now is to reduce pedal effort, I think that result will reduce steering effort.

just not sure whether to port hydroboost or try different steering pump first. May end up doing both.

After that will come the 10.5 swap debate.

I remember toe touch hydro boost growing up on big trucks. You barely touch the brakes and it is stopping. This setup now is ridiculous.
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Greetings, I'm new but I did have some questions about this upgrade and also some unfortunate information I got as well about this so far in my hunt to do this upgrade. I own a 1997 Ford F-250HD with the 7.3 Powerstroke, deets in the signature. 
1) TexasJ mentioned on page 6, post #52 about contacting Pressworks Maximum about the CAD file and having them make one. I have bad news, I tried contacting them and they report they lost the file when the hard drive failed on their system. Any chance that TexasJ could hopefully contact them and provide the pulley again for their CAD files? I was really hoping to save myself a scavenger hunt and just buy the blasted thing and be done with it.
2) Peroni mentions in post # 59 that he contacted Lee power steering for new reservoir but provided no specs on dimensions of the reservoir or bracket. Lee has a 3” and 3.5” diameter bracket. Also what is the height and all of that? Any chance you could provide that information?
3) Is this upgrade good for non-hydroboost applications or should I run the hydroboost as well? What would be the benefits of this? Asking because, from my standpoint, brakes feel pretty good so far and it’s not like I could ditch the vacuum pump under the hood anyways as that is needed to run the HVAC as well, right? Forgive my ignorance in this subject, just something I haven’t fully researched yet. I may consider hydroboost though as I am planning on swapping in a set of 2001 super duty axles I have.
4) Are the hoses something that I would have to fabricate or can I just get these from local parts stores in a pinch? Also, is this easier if I have the 4-bolt gear box upgrade from the SD as well?

Thanks for your time, and thanks for the information your forums have provided me with. Honestly, I do searches for things I am trying to do to my powerstroke and this forum comes up quite often along with PSN and oilburners depending on how I word my questions. ^^;; I know the factory pumps in these things suck and with plans to upgrade my axles and in process getting room for bigger tires I knew I would have to replace the steering pump.
1997 Ford F-250HD SCLB, 7.3L Powerstroke
PHP Hydra, Banks exhaust, Banks intercooler, Riffraff Hybrid turbo, Swamps IDM, Irate eFuel, HPX, 17* HPOP, S&B intake
Future - Super Duty axles (have parts need time), SORD RSK, ladder bars, larger injectors, KC turbo Stage 2

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