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Old 10-17-2017, 10:54 AM
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Default 08-10 w/ pioner NEX and iDatalink Maestro RR

Anyone out there with this setup, willing to hear from any version of the pioneer NEX series head units...

Question is: What vehicle features actually work for you? I feel like the guages are limited as I can read more from my OBD II port on my SCT x4 than will show on the Pioneer (engine oil temp for instance)... and it'll tell me that I have low tire pressure, but not which tire, nor the actual pressure values. Maybe it's just how it is in my vehicle (2008 Lariat), but was certainly hoping for more out of this combo. I'm wondering if I chose something incorrectly when I flashed the maestro or something... (don't want to take dash apart again, but will if this stuff is available for others).

Thanks in advance

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