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Originally Posted by PSD-BLACK-CLOUD View Post
You have anyone running it in dozers or tractors?
I worked for a company that uses it in their friction cranes from the 60s (Bucyrus Eries, Limas, etc). That's all we were allowed to grease with it as well. Had to use the other grease and oil for the haul trucks.
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My largest customers are mines and coal handling at power plants. They love my stuff. We work with bypass filtration too. I was eating lunch with one of my mining customers yesterday. They had an Isuzu diesel running on a drag line. They left it running unattended for some reason. It blew a line to the oil cooler, and ran out of oil. They dont know for how long, five minutes, for forty five. But it kept running. That was ten years ago, and its still running today. With oil in it of course. With bypass filtration we get 1000 hour PMs and 30-50k hour rebuilds.

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