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Old 06-21-2015, 01:41 PM
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Default Southern Maine/ New Hampshire best performance shops

I live in York, Maine and I bought my 2014 F-250 lariat CCSB 6.7 last July at Portsmouth Ford. I have recently ******d and tuned it and I'm looking for a reputable shop to get my no limit EGR ******/pass through installed and/ or a good oil change place for regular maintenance as I am not home 6 months out of the year and it would be easier to not have to do my oil changes on my time off and not have to worry about it (i.e. my girlfriend could drop it off or whatever) I have heard some bad things about a performance shop in southern maine (not gonna name names) but I'm looking for other options if anyone can help me out!

P.S. any tips on if I have to go back to a dealer for something, where and should i have to worry about returning the truck to stock ? Idk if i should go back to portsmouth or not.

Old 06-21-2015, 02:38 PM
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really the only shop i know of up there, (i moved out a couple years ago) would be Maine Turbo Diesels. Heath is a very knowledgeable dude, he built the trans in my buddies old truck and did other work on it. however, other then that i haven't heard anything. i wouldnt be surprised if the reputation went down hill as i heard what his old shop went through a few years ago. so i'm not sure. i really cant think of any other places.

as far as dealers goes. i've never dealt with portsmouth. but i've dealt with Prime, Arundel, Rowe, and Wiscasset. stay far away from Rowe, they're a bunch of crooks. Prime is decent but i'm not sure how they are about ******s. Arundel i dealt with a while ago and they were ok, but again not sure. Wiscasset was my favorite shop but i never had my ******d truck there, but they treated me well and were awesome. I'd try prime first. because i know you wont want to drive all the way up from Wiscasset.
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Just curious if you ever found anyone I just got a truck and some parts to make it a bit lighter.

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