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Default Nice job guys on warrantee work

I want to thank the injector guys over at unlimited. I bought a set of sticks from them a couple years ago and they had a minor issue on cold starts. Well here we are 2 years later and im finally getting around to sending them in for work. Well as much as a pain it is to pull out injectors I decided to do it and get them taken care of. What I got back was all new O-rings and the issue I was having corrected. also they showed up in very nice packaging! Good job guys. the injectors are working great and now that I can start my truck on cold mornings without smoking out the neighborhood it is going to be so much more enjoyable in the winter months!

A plus on warrantee work, just knowing in the future should I need anything that ill be taken care of is a huge piece of mind.
2000 f250 ECSB 4x4 Flatbed d80 dually rear d60 frt, HYDRA PHP and ******** tuned, 4" pipes, 6637 air, stock turbo modded (WW2, turbomaster wastgate actuator, gutted ebpv) FRX, SB 1939CB clutch, Unlimited 160/30 sticks
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Nate always take good care of my problems!
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