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Originally Posted by 8WR_ZJ View Post
I guess you could use it as a cmm on small parts. However the faro arm is much more suited for that. I have scanned a few small parts. They are almost all on my work computer at the office. My machine is a homebuilt off of cnczone.com same as my plasma table. The printer is 8x8x12 tall. Card and drivers and motors are from one company the head is from another. I cut the stand and base on the plasma then welded it up. Fun little project cost about 250 minus the stand. I had a little trouble shooting but the people on cnczone.com helped me work it out in 2 days. Now it works great. The is a new head out that will allow you to do a powdered alumina with plastic. Looks awesome and can handle some abuse. I know i have a few things i printed around the house here for the kids. Let me look.

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That's awesome you built it yourself. I would like to take the one at work and put ball screws on it and upgrade the head. The table/platform is heated too, but not sure to what degree.

That is cool you can dope the polymer with alumina. That will greatly enhance the thermal conductivity. I can think of many different situation where this could be helpful. Can't wait to see some samples.

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