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I always remove the dust shields on mine, never had an issue
Originally Posted by Chvyrkr
BTS transmissions have the absolute top of the line hard parts and clutches, in every single one.....every once in a while that somebody like Mike O or Charles gets a different piece, because they've broken his normal piece.
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When putting the camber sleeve back in, does it just set in or do you drive it so the shoulder is onto the knuckle?

About the torquing to 200 on the outer nut...I switched to the Stage 8 locking system. Preload the bearing by torquing it to 60, back off 90, and install the rest of the Stage 8 pieces. It is a little tedious, but I feel better about it when it is all put together.
1996 F250 crew cab/short bed, 4x4, auto PSD, about 150k miles, 6637 air filter with IAC sensor mount mod, interior grab handles above all four doors, stainless window vents, Aeroforce Interceptor (AKA scan gauge) behind the seat in case I need it, 3/8" shim under the drive shaft carrier bearing has eliminated the take-off shudder, remote door locks work with engine running mod.

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