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Old 10-14-2017, 12:33 PM
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Default chasing a bad hesitation, data logged today

so this is a 97 auto with new 160/30 injectors, mb 17 degree hpop, home made intake, 3 inch dp, ebpv ******d completely.
the truck has a bad hesitation when making a full throttle pull after you lift then re-apply the skinny pedal.

data collected shows the throttle position at 80.01% during the full throttle pull, oil pressure holding at 3000+ psi and the injector control pressure duty cycle at ~45%. once you lift and re-apply throttle the throttle again shows 80.01% high pressure oil is only 300-400 psi and the injector control pressure duty cycly is at 70-80%. once the rpms come down and the truck slows down the hpo jumps to 3000+ the duty cycly goes back to ~40% and she takes off like normal.

any ideas? I'm stumped.

also the ipr and icp are new ford units as well as a new carter lift pump and completely rebuilt fuel bowl.

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