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Old 11-08-2017, 12:46 AM
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Default 97 7.3 white (grey?) Smoke under acceleration (sometimes)

Truck has 225k miles on it. Recently I've been seeing white, maybe considered grey smoke, mainly only when under WOT and on the 75hp setting on my TS6.

I do not see this all the time, just randomly. I do notice however it tends to happen once the truck is up to operating temp, then I let it sit for a few hours, then run it again. See way more smoke on the tunes vs stock. I've seen it start black then change to grey or vice versa.

No smoke on start up.

Oil is about 1/2 quart low after 3k miles and fuel filter is grey. Just replaced FPR filter screem and it was very gunked up

I'm thinking injector O rings.


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How many miles on the injectors? External orings are a possibility, however not the only one.

How is the blowby? (should be good considering the oil consumption).

Done a compression test in a while?

How is the performance? Does it have any skips or misses especially at different temperatures?

Low fuel pressure, air in the fuel sometimes, or a leaking injector dripping fuel into the cylinder while it is shut off are also possibilities.

If the injectors have not been done at that mileage I would send them in and get rebuilt after checking all other possibilies.
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