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Old 06-12-2018, 04:59 PM
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Default HPOP Gaskets Leaking - \

Hey so seconds into a burnout my truck shut off. Oil was leaking heavily down the motor and it wouldn't restart. I quickly diagnosed it as some an HPOP leak. 200 cranking HPOP PSI.

I wasn't able to determine where it leaked from and figured I could just swap a T-500 I bought on CL last summer.. But this one leaks also in the same way.

I get 250 cranking PSI on this HPOP and it leaks.. looking to be at the base gasket.

I know the HPOP has to come back out now to determine the leak but I was wondering what kind of pressure is the HPOP gasket under? I don't imagine 500-3000 PSI.

Also.. my whole engine bay got sprayed when the truck shut off. With the new HPOP it kind of just leaks (may have blown in the past and sold to me)

My intentions were to just remove it.. maybe find a leak.. maybe not. And just rebolt it back in. I do have a new $45 set of o-rings but I was 1st thinking it was the gasket. Is this what people call the timing cover? (that I read breaks/has issues)

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