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Default Best diff gears for big non-vgt

so I am in the process, slow process that is, of replacing everything on my suspension, steering, etc. Cleaning up and making new. I am trying, key word here, to build a pretty quick street truck. I think I will be starting off with a s472 and 330/150s to see how it goes, then see if i want to go bigger or change it up to compounds.

With the s472 what would be my best bet on gearing? Leave the 3.73 or maybe go to 4.11? I think 4.30 would definetely be to much. I will be running 33s, and from what ive seen possibly doing a 2200 stall. I'll have to discuss that with the tranny builder. The little I have searched up on the guy was running 35s and 4.30s were suggest, but that was the extent of it, nothing for 33s.

From what ive seen on people going to bigger non-vgt they complain it doesn't spool well down low under 2k rpms, but none of them i saw regearing or restalling. Plus this isn't a cummins, it isn't done at 3500rpms. But any input would be appreciated.

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