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When I was chasing bubbles. ....I tried swapping a stock IDM from Addison for the Swamps HFHV IDM......it idled more betta' with the HFHV.....
If some is good, more must be better
Originally Posted by Tim @ P.I.S. View Post
How do Limited and Lifetime fit in the same title
Old 12-04-2014, 09:12 AM
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So zf6's aren't allowed? haha
2000 F-350 SCLB 7.3 4X4 ZF6
2003 F-250 RCLB 7.3 4x2 Auto

Turbonetics T-4 w/ S468 FMW, Swamp's 300/200%, Swamps Gen3, Irate Comp Fuel, Irate 3" Plenums, ARP Headstuds, Comp 910's, Smith Bros Pushrods, 140v IDM, Hydra with Tuning from Gear-Head and Swamps.
789 hp / 1460 lb-ft

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