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Old 10-07-2015, 11:17 AM
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Default Window doesn't Work

So the passenger side window quit working on my 2001 F250. At first the driver side would only roll the window down and the passenger side button would do the same. I pulled the door panel and used the power probe on the connectors for the window motor and rolled it back up and rolled it down.

After I saw that it worked with the probe I then checked the harness. I put the probe in the harness and checked power and voltage on driver and passenger side and they both show power. I replaced both window switches and the window motor and it will still not work when all is together. If I hold the motor in my hand and hit the switch the gears will move. If I install it and hit the switch nothing will happen on the drivers side switch but when you hit the passenger switch the window will go down but not up.

This is driving me crazy. Any information will help at this point.

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I think these window motors work simply by reversing voltage to the motor. You need to find a wiring diagram for the window system. I think the Chilton manuals have them. I will look in mine when I get home.

If I find them, I can scan and email them to you.
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What he said ^^^^^

With that, my father has a 95 Taurus with the exact same issue. The way ford wired these power windows is idiotic, you may show power in the circuit, but it most likely isn't enough to overcome the windows stall speed. Typically its cause by a chafed/corroded wire in one of the two door hinge areas. We ran a new power wire from the driver side to passenger side that fixed the issue.
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