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Default New 7.3L turbo option available!

As many of you know, we have carried the Bell HFSB turbo for quite some time, and have had much success with it. It is a very popular turbo option for the person looking to make up to around 550HP. We now have another option for the 7.3L world! That is the Bell FSSB turbo. This turbo utilizes the popular T4 style mount and features a smaller turbine housing compared to the HFSB. This leads to a quicker spool and better throttle response. It shares the exact same compressor wheel as the HFSB turbo, so it moves a lot of air! This turbo is a great option for someone looking to make 350-500HP.

So to sum things up...

HFSB: T4i style mount and good for 425-550HP. Larger exhaust housing provides lower drive pressures and better performance for higher RPM (towing) and higher HP applications.

FSSB: T4 style mount and good for 350-500HP. Smaller exhaust housing provides quicker spool up and response, which is ideal for daily driving applications.

Both turbos utilize the same exact compressor wheel and both have the option for a billet wheel upgrade.

We also offer the Carson Stauffer Diesel mount kits for both of these turbos, so you can pick everything up at one place.

Check out the new Bell FSSB here... http://www.dp-tuner.com/ford-powerst...ssb-turbo.html

Check out the Bell HFSB here... http://www.dp-tuner.com/ford-powerst...fsb-turbo.html

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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