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Old 10-21-2019, 03:27 PM
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Default Magnetic chips in ipr valve

2007 f-450 147k
I have magnetic chips in ipr screen after xdp solution kit was installed. Parts list studded, xdp solution kit oil cooler, sct fitting, diesel site adrenaline hpop pump, Stand off tubes, turbo oil drain tube, odawgs s2r intake, ats coolant recircultaion, fuel reg return (60 psi), air dog 165 gph pump, ford oil filter and ford oil cap, TSD spd tune. Truck runs great when runs. Right now will not build past 543 high pressure. I changed screen on ipr and made sure ipr was clean. My concern is the magnetic chips. Dieselsite said their hpop would have aluminum or brass chips in ipr screen. My high pressure may be due to a bad injector. Still have stock injectors. Will air test tomorrow. Iím wondering if my lpop is going out. Am also pulling oil filter tomorrow to check for metal. My understanding is lpop-filter- splits for engine and return and oil resivor for hpop-hpop-injectors and returns. Any help in guess might save me some time. Ty in advance
Old 10-22-2019, 03:13 AM
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Do you have oil pressure on your dash gauge when cranking?

Try cranking w/ the oil filter cap off and the filter out. The filter bowl should fill in 8-10 seconds.

Is your oil filter cap an OEM cap? The height of the OEM oil filter cap is about an inch above the housing when it is installed. Aftermarket ones are substantially taller.

When you changed the screen on the IPR, did you make sure it wasn't stuck open w/ debris inside of it? Did you actuate it to see if it moved?

Did you install a new screen in the sump under the oil cooler and did you flush between the oil cooler and the HPOP oil inlet?

Did the old HPOP fail or did you just upgrade to the Dieselsite HPOP?
Lots of good stuff

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