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Default New 1999 f350 issues....

So, I picked up a early 99 four door 4x4 7.3 a few weeks ago with 278k and I have been getting into its.... "Personality" aka problems... When I got the truck the check engine light was on and it had a rough idle. It also had a abnormally long cranking time... Maybe 20 seconds. so I trailered it home and ordered a auto enginuity scan tool for it. As I was letting the truck idle before I pulled it up onto the trailer and it died for some reason....

I noticed that the truck has a karway hill killer trans. It has a good oil leak out of where the transmission bolts to the extension housing before the transfer case. I've ordered gaskets but have not yet replaced them yet.

Once I got it home I noticed the truck seemed to want to die any time you snapped the throttle. The rpms would drop and recover but it was definitely going below it's normal idle. (Into 400 rpm range)

First off I did the oil cap trick for blow by and there is none.... I changed the oil and replace the fuel filter, buzz checked the injectors and they seem to be working okay... Replace the cam position sensor... I pulled the valve covers to make sure that the the injectors are not dead and they all were puking oil as they should (I read somewhere on here it's a good way to make sure the mechanical side of the injectors are working). I discovered that the injectors are marked as remans so I don't know how old they are.... I found the harness under the passenger side valve cover was losing insulation and very close to rubbing on a push rod.... and one of the clips on the injectors wasn't locked into place. I ended up replaced both harness under the valve covers and putting it all back together.

I also put 15 gallons of fresh fuel in it because I don't know how long it sat before I got it.

I replaced the transmission filter and topped it off with fluid.

I tested fuel pump pressure and it is around 65 lbs.

I checked oil level on the high pressure oil pump and it's about 3/4 of an inch from the top plug....

After all of that, The rough idle has seemed to gone away and the long cranking times seem to have improved ( maybe 7-10sec now). Also no check engine light but I have a weird vibration around 2500 rpm when it's in park.

I am also getting some ABS codes and am trying to chase those down. I replaced the speed sensors in the trans and rear differential so far to no avail.

I was looking over the turbo and noticed that one of the turbo housing bolts behind the mounting bolt is backed out So I have ordered all of the stuff to pull the turbo off and tighten that bolt up but have not done it yet. (I found a post saying this isn't unheard of)

I've noticed a lot of soot on the firewall So I think that I have exhaust leaks out of the up pipes

On test drives based on the auto enginuity scan tool I am pushing 25 ish psia so around 10 pounds of boost at wide open throttle doing maybe 70.

The other thing that I noticed is the truck cannot spin its tires in dirt from a stop.

I have a bone stock 97 f250 7.3 with a ZF5 that I'm comparing this too but the after market trans is making it feel "different" lol

It has a hard first gear down shift. Based on what I've read online this could be from whatever torque converter they spec out when the transmission was installed.

I have a couple questions...

What do you think could be causing the weird vibration in park at around 2,500 RPM?

Could this be related to the turbo?

Is ten pounds of boost normal on this motor in that condition?

Has anyone had experience with the hill killer transmissions?

I would imagine that this truck could spin its tires in dirt from a stop... Can yours do it?

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